Picsmentor offers passionate photographers the opportunity to learn and live unique experiences from inspiring mentors all around the world.

On Picsmentor you can share your passion and create unique photography activities.

How does it work?

  • Design and manage your own activities in total autonomy

Whether you’re thinking of creating photography or video activities, masterclasses, photowalks, live or online courses, or coaching sessions, you do you, wherever you are. You’ll decide on your pricing, your availability and your activity content, and benefit from smooth direct client exchanges.

  • Diversify your source of income

The platform gives you access to a worldwide client base to whom you’ll offer the activities you want. Diversify your offerings in one single click, benefit from our expertise and marketing support, increase your income while doing what you love the most.

  • Become a memorable mentor

The common narrative between photographers may be curiosity; this driving force that pushes us to explore photography from all perspectives. Add a pinch of creativity, pedagogical and technical skills, and you might become one of a kind in our inspiring community!

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