You need to create an account (see “Create an account”) and find an experience using one of the two following search tools:

1 - Once you’ve found an experience, pick up a date and the number of participants:

2 - There are two different types of booking:

a) Instant booking - The booking is effective as soon as the payment has been done. There is no need to get in touch with the mentor before.

Click on Instant Booking. A new payment window will open. You’ll then have to add your credit card information via our secure payment system Stripe.

The reservation will be confirmed after clicking on the "Pay Now" button.

b) Booking Request - The booking will have to be accepted by the mentor.

You then can let your mentor know more about you and what motivates your request. Your payment information will be asked at this point in the booking process. Although the payment itself will only be done once the mentor approves your request.

The booking will be confirmed after the mentor has accepted your application and payment will be made automatically.

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