Concept of the experience 

  • This is an experience where participants are offered the opportunity to have their portrait taken by a professional photographer, in this case their mentor.
  • The session can be held with several participants
  • The session will take place outdoors, taking advantage of the scenery of the city / place of the activity
  • The mentor will propose to photograph each participant at different locations in the city / location of the activity, using professional equipment.
  • Participants will receive by email, within a few days of the end of the session, the images taken by the mentor.


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[NAME OF THE CITY OR OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD] : Your portraits with a professional photographer!

Introductory text (to be entered in "In the program" -> "Description")

Rather than ordinary selfies, rather than wobbly portraits taken by a passing good samaritan, why not enjoying the eye of an experienced photographer? 

Whether you are a "local" or a visitor, this experience will offer you a quality souvenir, in the form of a beautiful series of portraits [REFERENCE TO THE CITY OR TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD, example : “along Paris streets”].

Detailed Text (to be entered in "Program" -> "Experiences" -> "Description")

For participants who are themselves interested in photographic practice, this session will also be an opportunity to observe the work of a professional photographer, and to question him/her about his/her methods of taking pictures.

Within a few days after the end of the session, you will receive the images in your mailbox; retouched and in full resolution, they will be ready to be shared!

Notes : 

  • If you wish, the photographer can use your own equipment (smartphone, DSLR, hybrid, etc.)
  • The images produced during this experiment, of which you are the subject, will be your property (and not that of the photographer)


About 2 hours (set the duration according to the workload of your program)

Prerequisites and necessary material for participants


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