Concept of the experience 

  • This is a "generalist" smartphone photography course that will cover the basics of shooting technique (composition, light, settings) and image processing.
  • The activity will ideally start in a café (with internet connection) where a brief introduction to smartphone photography will be given, and where the required applications for taking pictures will be downloaded.
  • Then the walk will begin, following a chosen itinerary for the realization of different types of pictures (architecture, portrait, macro, street photography, low light photography, etc.)
  • The session will best end in a café (with internet connection). A short introduction to retouching on the phone will be given. If necessary, applications necessary for retouching will be downloaded.


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Smartphone photography : enhance your pictures 

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Nowadays, mobile phones have become a photographic tool worthy of the name, capable of producing pictures that live up to our expectations... Although it may seem simple and not very advanced, the "camera" of your smartphone has a great potential of options and settings, just waiting to be exploited!

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During this experience, which will take the form of a walk, you will be invited to explore the possibilities offered by your phone in terms of shooting and processing pictures.

It will all start with a coffee (no obligation to consume); during this time your mentor,

 [MENTOR’S NAME], will invite you to download the optimal applications for taking pictures. Please note that these applications will be free.

After this introduction, you will be guided through an itinerary in which each step will be an opportunity to apply certain settings / composition methods.

You will take the time to develop the aesthetics of your images, to control the light and ensure their accuracy, thanks to the precious tips and tricks delivered by your mentor.

The session will end with an introduction to existing mobile editing applications, a final phase in which you will have the opportunity to work on your own images, following your mentor's advice.


About 3 hours (set the duration according to the workload of your program)

Prerequisites and necessary material for participants


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