Concept of the experience 

  • This is an experience in which you will take a guided and narrated tour of a photographic exhibition; an exhibition of which you are not the author
  • As a mentor for this activity, you should be familiar with the subject of the exhibition, and provide additional information about the presented author / work.


  • The text provided below can be modified, customized according to your needs or to correct inconsistencies
  • A text tag must be replaced by what it indicates. Be sure to check the accuracy of the preposition referring to the added word(s)


Visit and commentary on the exhibition [TITLE OF EXHIBITION] with [MENTOR’S NAME]

Introductory text (to be entered in "Program" -> "Description")

Come and discover the exhibition [TITLE OF EXHIBITION] presenting [AUTHOR’S NAME] photographic work. A visit that will be complemented by comments, descriptions, and anecdotes from your mentor [MENTOR’S NAME] ! 

Detailed text (to be entered in "Program" -> "Activities" -> "Description")

[AUTHOR’S NAME] ‘s work has something of [ADJECTIVE example: fascinating] that[... example: leads us to contemplate Parisian architecture from a new angle, and certainly hitherto unexplored]

[MENTOR’S NAME], your mentor, will be keen to introduce you to this [ADJECTIVE] project ; he will explain its genesis, the history of its realization, give you various interpretations, and tell you about the author's references and inspirations.

A short experience not to be missed; doubly exciting!


Between 1 and 2 hours (set the duration according to the load of your program)

Prerequisites and necessary equipment for participants


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