Concept of the experience

  • This is a portfolio reading with only one participant where you will comment on the photographs presented, give technical / aesthetic advice, as well as advice on possible image presentations (series, book, exhibition, etc.).
  • After the session, it will be advisable to do a little follow-up with the student (exchange of 2-3 emails to discuss new images, to keep up to date on his progress).


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Portfolio reading with [MENTOR’S NAME]

Introductory text (to be entered in "Program" -> "Description")

Whether we are "amateur" or internationally renowned photographers, we all need at some point an external perspective on our images, and preferably that of an experienced photographer!

Detailed text (to be entered in "Program" -> "Activities" -> "Description")

Taking a step back from your approach as a photographer, seeing its weak points, technical and aesthetic weaknesses, or, on the contrary, discovering its strengths, is absolutely essential for a photographer and his creative process.

You are invited here to carry out this review and exchange work with [MENTOR’S NAME], a professional photographer and an expert in [PHOTOGRAPHIC GENRE example: street and portrait photography].

[MENTOR’S FIRST NAME] will provide you with his analysis and advice to develop your photography to the fullest, while considering your ambitions, your strengths and your weaknesses.


Between 1 and 2 hours (set the duration according to the load of your program)

Prerequisites and necessary equipment for participants


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