Concept of the experience 

It is a walk in a city, a district (or other type of place), during which you will take the participants to photograph the places that you consider most photogenic, and worthy of interest for a tourist (churches, markets, viewpoints, parks, cafés, square, etc.)


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Introductory text (to be entered in "In the program" -> "Description")

Take part in an experience that combines photography and discovery... Armed with your camera and a keen eye, let your mentor, a local photographer who is passionate about his city, guide you through [CITY OR NEIGHBOURHOOD REFERENCE]

Detailed Text (to be entered in "Program" -> "Experiences" -> "Description")

Along an itinerary cleverly designed by a photographer for photographers, you will walk the streets of [REFERENCE TO THE CITY OR NEIGHBOURHOOD], discovering its atmosphere, its stone, and its striking points of view.

While many photographic opportunities will present themselves to you, your mentor will be there to help you succeed with your images; he will be dedicated to advising you on technique, composition, and light; he will also deliver his personal shooting tips!

Here are the few key places you can discover / capture during this photo experience:

  • [PLACE] : The most [...], and for sure the most beautiful [...] of [CITY OR NEIGHBOURHOOD]. A photographic subject you should choose!
  • [PLACE] : [CITY OR NEIGHBOURHOOD] looks like a postcard from this point of view.
  • [PLACE] : A magnificent [...], offering a breathtaking view of [...].
  • [PLACE] : A [...] ;  ideal subject for architectural style photographs [...].
  • [PLACE] : emblematic building of [CITY OR NEIGHBOURHOOD].
  • [PLACE] : A [...] tcrossing a neighborhood [...] ; once up there, the view is superb!
  • [PLACE] : A sumptuous architecture, and a human effervescence to capture!
  • [PLACE] : This street crosses the district of [...] ; you can photograph there [...]


Between 2 and 4 hours (set the duration according to the workload of your program)

Prerequisites and necessary material for participants


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