The price of your experience is always fixed per participant. You are free to decide the price of your activity; we do not impose any minimum or maximum amount. Please note that PICSMENTOR will charge 15% commission on each booking.  

However, it is strongly recommended to determine the price based on the pre-existing price range for similar activities, and being realistic about the price that a typical customer can afford to pay. Your experience should only stand out for its content and mentoring skills, not its price.

Once you have determined the price of your activity, do not forget to add any personal expenses (travel, entrance fee, etc.), and if you consider it necessary for practical reasons, include your clients' additional expenses during the activity (public transit ticket, site entrance, etc.).  

Finally, it is possible to ensure you receive the minimum hourly wage you require, thanks to the fact that you can select the minimum number of participants needed for your experience to take place. For example, if the price per participant is set at 20 euros for a 1 hour activity, and you want to receive 35 euros per hour, you will set the minimum number of participants at 2. Note that if the number of buyers is below the minimum number set, you will still be able to do the experience. 

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