You will have to determine the maximum number of clients you will accept, as well as the minimum number of people who need to book for the activity to take place. Consider these two choices carefully, as they will have a big impact on the quality of your experience:

  • To work out the most amount of people you can accept on one class, you need to think about how much support time each customer will need. Indeed, it is essential that your clients can benefit from your advice and guidance but be careful not to compromise this by "overloading" your session. As a general rule, we have worked out that 8 participants is the maximum limit to ensure a good experience for each customer. 
  • The minimum number of participants should be determined by the flow and the dynamics of the experience, or according to your hourly rate. If, for example, during your activity you have planned an interaction between the participants, you should set your minimum number according to this constraint. If you think that the flow of the activity could be dull below a certain number of participants, you should not hesitate to increase this number as well. Finally, of course, you can also use your hourly rate as a guide to set how many people should attend to make your time worthwhile. 

Important Note: Remember that if the minimum number of participants is not reached, no automatic email to cancel the reservation is foreseen: it is up to you to decide whether or not to run the experience, and to inform the participants in case it is not performed.

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