If you think that participating in your experience requires a certain level of knowledge in photography and/or owning specific equipment, please detail these needs when creating your experience.

  • Technical prerequisites: The more skills and knowledge you require to take part in an activity, the less potential buyers. We therefore recommend that you put an offer online for all levels; this can be done by creating an activity open to all levels, either by proposing several versions of the same experience, but each one open to a specific level, or by proposing a set of experiences with various subjects representing different levels of difficulty.
  • Required materials : As with the technical prerequisites, the more photographic equipment you require, the less potential buyers. We therefore recommend that you remain open to users of smartphones, or basic devices. If it is possible and the quality of your experience is not compromised, we advise you to rethink the experience that was originally intended for people who own certain equipment, so that the experience can also be adapted to a simpler equipment. You do not have to post the experience in several versions, you can simply adapted each class to use the materials required. 
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