You will need to determine precisely where you and your customers will meet.

If your activity is to take place along a route, we advise you to choose as a starting point this is obvious, exposed, recognisable, and clearly visible on Google Maps ; for example, a statue in the center of a square, the entrance of a famous café, the steps of a church, the entrance of a subway station, etc. 

If your activity requires you to focus on one place, either for part or for the entire duration of the experience, we advise you to ensure that you do all three of these things:  

  • The meeting place must be accessible at the scheduled time. 
  • The travel time between the meeting place and the shooting place should not be too long. 
  • The place (or table) must be reserved for you (if it is a private place).  

If the activity is scheduled to take place at your home, you will ensure that:  

  • Communicate with your customers if the address is not clear, or incorrectly positioned on Google Maps. 
  • Offer water to your customers. 
  • Welcome customers in a tidy, clean, and sufficiently spacious place. 
  • Avoid the presence of people who are not familiar with the experiment and who may disrupt its progress 
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