You are asked to load at least three images, making 1500px long side for landscape format or 1500px short side for portrait format.
These photos will be used as visuals in the announcement of your experience. They may be pictures taken during previous activities (and representing the subject of the experience), or pictures illustrating the activity itself (pictures of clients during the shooting, picture of a picture on a camera screen, etc.).

Try to diversify your illustrations; avoid presenting a series of photographs with a common background, or representing the same subjects.

Even if it goes without saying, these images must be beautiful, and must make people want to take part in your activity! In particular, pay attention...

  • to visible technical errors (slight motion blur, overexposure, incorrect focus, etc).
  • not to add logos or other watermarks to your photos
  • not to display mounting or other collages

Image resolution note: The illustration banner of your experience will display the size of 1500 x 650 pixels, so it is strongly recommended to prepare an image (cropping) based on this display definition.
It is not necessary to apply this ratio to other images, however, be sure to keep a good resolution for every picture (1500px long side for landscape format or 1500px short side for portrait format)

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