We advise you to choose a concise, and specific title. Think about the user who frantically browses the list of experiences: the chosen name should quickly inform the client about the nature of your activity; be literal for your title and reserve literature for the description text.... 

Also think of proper names... The content of the proposed experience will only become more precise if you add the name of a street, a square, a park, a historic site, etc. Also consider adding your own name to the title of the experience; whether you have a certain notoriety or are completely unknown, concluding your title with a mention such as "with xxxx xxxx" will give exclusivity and uniqueness to your activity.

Below are some examples of standard titles next to titles we applied our tips to: 

  • "Passers-by under the Iron Lady" - "Street Photography at the Trocadero" (a more literal title, and uses the name of a place). 
  • "Berlin Fashion Portraiture" - "Berlin Fashion Portraiture with photographer Jan Duman" (the photographer's name gives the feeling of a more exclusive activity) 
  • "Photographic expedition in the city of Brussels - architecture and urban photography in the Marolles district" - "Brussels: Urban photography in the Marolles" (reduction of the number of words, the title goes to the essential) 
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