Apart from the limitations related to conflicts between THE PHOTO ACADEMY courses contents and PICSMENTOR activities with similar content, there are no subject restrictions; you are free to propose any activity theme, as long as it remains a photographic experience, of course.  

Nevertheless, it seems important to us to guide you a little bit in your choice; this so that you can present an activity that is unique with the best content as possible. 

The important thing will therefore be to offer customers a unique and creative experience. You can create this by using an unusual or different type of framework, or set the activity in a fairly unknown place, or base it on your personal experience, or simply propose an original subject.

Understand that it is not necessary to reinvent the concept of photo activity in order to create a new experience... Here are some simple application tips:  

  • If you want to guide participants through a city, or one of its districts, do not simply propose, for example, to "photograph Amsterdam", which is far too generic and impersonal... Instead, propose to "photograph the Amsterdam of my childhood", you will therefore offer a unique and inimitable view of the city. 
  • Propose an experience that brings photography into context with another subject of interest (cultural, historical, sporting, craft, scientific, etc.). This could include photographing Street Art, photographing the stars while informing participants about the constellations, taking photographs in a museum, capturing equestrian figures, etc. 
  • Propose a very specific training topic. For example, a black & white Photoshop retouching class, according to your personal "recipe". Or an animal photography session, but focused on the cat population of a neighborhood. Or a Street Photography class behind closed doors in a station etc. 
  • Highlight your personality as a photographer; add your name to the title of the experience, mention your background and affinities as a photographer in the text describing the activity.   

Please notice, however, that a theme can be customized/specified to be eligible as an experience (example: Architectural photography is a TPA course theme, but nothing prevents you from proposing an architectural photography session in a certain neighborhood / about a certain architect / a certain movement)

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