• For an activity taking place within a single day: In order to offer customers the correct availability of the experience, PICSMENTOR can either automatically collect the dates open for booking from the availabilities provided on your profile, or refer to a specific date(s) that you will determine when creating your experience.
  • For an activity taking place over several days: In order to offer customers the available dates of the experience, you must indicate these dates when creating your experience. PICSMENTOR will not be able to refer to the availability information you provided on your profile. 

WARNING: the day(s) you specify must be the first day of the experience.
For example, if you wish to offer a 3-day experience and your availability this week is from April 1st to 8th, this means you could conduct two courses in this week so you would indicate April 1st and 4th as your booking dates.  

Note: synchronise your PICSMENTOR Unified Agenda.
*For additional information on how the availability system works, click

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