Before being able to propose an activity on Picsmentor, it is necessary to complete your profile:

Confirm your email address: as soon as your account is created, a verification email is sent. Until you don't confirm it, your experience will not be available online. Check your verification here.

Set your availability: you can manage your availability on the main calendar, and then separately for each experience you offer. Learn more about how the availability system works on Picsmentor here.

Your bio and profile photo: a nice profile photo, as well as a captivating mini-biography, will definitely influence the customer when it comes to booking one of your experiences. 

Payement Preferences: to receive your payments automatically, you must fill in your bank account details in your "Agenda" section, and some legal requirements will be asked (for more information, click here).

Additional information: We help you promoting your activities, so we relay them on our social networks. Ideally we would tag you on the post and for this purpose it is necessary that you provide as much additional information as possible. 

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