Picsmentor does not require professional registration to be able to sign-up and propose an activity. 

However, you must demonstrate a high level of expertise in your field and your activity must bring real added value to the participants, you must be generous and wish to share your passion.  

The success of your activities will be based on your customers' comments, an activity with low ratings and negative comments can be removed from the site by Picsmentor. 

You cannot be a minor to propose an activity.

Extract from the terms of use:
If you choose to use PICSMENTOR™ as a Mentor, your relationship with PICSMENTOR™ is only that of an independent third party contractor, and not that of an employee, agent, member of a joint venture or partner PICSMENTOR™ for any reason whatsoever, and you are acting exclusively for your own account and benefit, and not for or for the benefit of PICSMENTOR™. PICSMENTOR™ do not direct or control you, and shall not be considered your officers, either generally or pursuant to these Terms. You acknowledge that you have full discretion to advertise your Photographic Experience or select your Photographic Courses or otherwise engage in other business activities or employment, despite your relationship as Principal (see Billing Mandate).

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