Important topic: how will you receive the money once your activity finished?

Well, quite simply, you need to connect your PICSMENTOR account to Stripe Connect, which is the secured service provider that holds the payments of your clients before releasing them to you.

  • First step: connect your PICSMENTOR account to Stripe by accepting the Stripe's terms and conditions. No need to create any account on Stripe itself.
  • Second step: you will be prompted with a form to add your details, including your IBAN that will receive your funds.
  • Third step: you will go through a verification process, which includes disclosing some personal details and eventually upload your ID documentation. These requirements vary from country to country but they are compulsory to comply with the anti-money laundering and anti-fraud regulations (see here for details)

Your country of residence may not be supported by Stripe. See this page to learn more.
In this case, contact us at  
For countries not supported by Stripe, PICSMENTOR will be your payment provider. You can receive your funds by bank transfer or Paypal, subject to a 15-day timeframe and the sending of an invoice to

PICSMENTOR do not hold these documents, they are solely treated by Stripe.

Note: you don't need to create an account on Stripe's website.

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