With PICSMENTOR Unified Agenda, It is possible to receive PICSMENTOR booking notifications on your personal calendar, PLUS you will no longer have to do the double work on two different calendars: by using the ICAL url of your personal calendar (Google, ICloud, Outlook, etc.) you can synchronize it with the PICSMENTOR Unified Agenda: it will always be synchronized and in order (with an automatic update every 24 hours)!
And no worries: your privacy will be fully respected, the only data that will arrive on our agenda is your unavailability at any time.

So, don't forget: by default, you are considered as always available on PICSMENTOR: all you have to do is synchronize!

How to do it? Here are some videos that can help you:

Synchronise your Google Calendar:

Synchronise your ICloud Calendar:

Synchronise your Outlook Calendar:

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